Sole Answers: Friendship

March 6, 2015

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This week’s SOLE ANSWER 
Question: At school I always hang out with two other girls. We have been BFFs for a while but sometimes I feel like they are leaving me out,  like they will go do something without me, and I am left out. I feel hurt and I don’t know why they are excluding me! What should I do?
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Answer from our Soleteer in Residence: Karina!

I am really sorry that you feel left out. It is really hard to be friends in groups of three, because it is common that somebody ends up being left out.  

Have you tried talking to your friends? They may not think that they are leaving you out. Sometimes they may not be aware of how you are feeling and they might think that you are ok with it. Talk to them calmly and listen to their answers! Could it be possible that they’ve felt this way before too? 

If you don’t want to talk to them about it just yet, try planning an event for all three of you outside of school. Maybe have a playdate or sleepover so all three of you can hang out together. This could be the reconnection that you need to help solve the problem. 

If your friends continue to leave you out, then maybe they aren’t your real friends at all. If they are not nice to you then try to find other people to hang out with. Just be your awesome self and talk to other people instead, and before you know it you will make friends. 

Nobody should feel left out, so I hope you are able to work this out with your friends or find some new ones who treat you right. Now that you have experienced the feeling of being left out hopefully you will try to make sure you never exclude anybody. Good luck with your friends!