No to Smart Phones?

July 6, 2013

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How many times a day do you check your phone, your social media, your messages?  
This video, does not exaggerate.  This is real.  We value our relationships so much, but we have access to all of our friends, all of the time via twitter, facebook, instagram, email and our friends appear to be interested in what we are doing…right? So much so, that we are all online, filling our brains with as many distractions as we can, so our face to face time is becoming just another instagram opportunity.
Do you wonder why Cyber Bullying is so easy for bullies to get to people?  Take a look at our habits, and see how much time a day you spend valuing your social media friendships.  
Can we criticize people for doing what we do ourselves?  By owning smart phones and putting our valuable time into never being without it, what are we teaching the future generations?  Everything we do, eat, say is being watched by others and we can’t escape the instant gratification of our Smart Phones. 

How you feel and what solutions do you see to this?  Or do you think it is a problem?
Remember: you are the change, if you want to see something happen with someone else, make sure you already do it yourself.