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August 6, 2013

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When I met Laura Patrick, the mastermind behind the physiotherapy group just for kids, I was so happy at how aligned our values and missions are!  Kids Physio works to build kids’ confidence, provide a fun/ play environment and advocate for positive change! They are also amazing people with huge hearts and big smiles.  I got the opportuntity to see them in action at their studio in Vancouver and I was surprised at how fun their studio is – it is colourful and playful and looks 
very little like a regular physio office!! 
As a child I spent some time at Sports Med as I was growing very quickly and playing a lot of sports.  My parents wanted to make sure I was ok and doing things safetly to prevent injuries in my body.  So it is important for me that when the girls come to Sole Girls and start running that they know how to listen to their bodies and understand what they are doing. So this year, I’m so thrilled to be working with Kids Physio Group!!  

Andrea from Kids Physio group teaches Sole Girls about breathing and their cores at our SO(le) You Summer Camp!!!!

Kids Physio group joined us this summer at our So (le) You Summer Camp at MEC in North Vancouver.  We learned about our core and about how we breath and also about stretching!!! We answered questions like Did you know your core has a bottom and what it does? and When you take a deep breath, did you know that you are likely to engage your shoulders, but it actually LESS effective than just using your core!!

Laura and Andrea from Kids Physio showed us how toengage our muscles in different stretches and techniques so we could experience what it felt like to use specific parts of our bodies!  We played some awesome games and activities too!

My goal for Sole Girls is that we can prevent injuries and bring awareness to our bodies so we 
can do what needs to be done BEFORE an injury occurs.  Injuries can be defeating mentally as 
well as physically.  Recovery can be a long process of missed out activities, which could mean social exclusion.  If girls understand their bodies and how to listen to their bodies, they can 
avoid and treat anxiety, injuries, and dropping physical activities! 

Strong bodies equals stronger minds!! 

Kids Physio Group will be onsite at Mulgrave Junior School this September!!  

You can also visit them in Vancouver or in Surrey!
210 – 3369 Fraser Street in Vancouver!  Only 15 minutes away from the North Shore 😀