“It’s Hip to be Healthy” Empowerment weekend!

August 7, 2014

Posted In: Day Camps

How many girls out there love their veggies and “healthy food”? 

Being a tween can have you caught in between the world of my mom and dad and peers and TV ads! 
It’s a confusing time and the best way to navigate it all? Get the REAL info from the people who are trained to know all this stuff in a fun and easy and active way!
What’s cool to eat and how can it be fun?

On June 15th and 16th 2013, Ashley Wiles, founder of Sole Girls has teamed up with a Hollistic Nutritionist  for an amazing weekend of Health, Food, Running and Empowerment!!  
For 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday afternoon we are going to:
 * discover your strengths,
 * learn about our bodies
 * try some new foods and why they are awesome
 * make some interesting food stuff
 * do lots of active activities (running and games)
 * feel empowered to make healthy choices

Girls will:
* learn about new and different foods
* learn what is health and why it’s important
* learn how to make health and food fun 
* do some fun running and active activities! 
* talk about body image 
* discover their strengths
* make new friends
* take home some awesome SWAG bags!
* and more !!!

We are so excited about this weekend empowerment workshop for tweens!! There are ONLY 15 spots available for girls ages 8-12, so sign up quickly!

Cost: $150 + GST
Sign up here!