How Sole Girls Camp Prepares Girls to Become Confident Leaders

March 8, 2017

Posted In: Day Camps

During their tweens, girls start deciding who they want to be.

​Topics like body image, bullying, friendships, puberty, “what is cool”, habits and behaviours emerge during the tween years. Often, girls do not feel prepared to cope with these topics, and this may lead to poor decisions in their teens. When girls don’t feel prepared, they are more likely to lack confidence and self-esteem.
Sole Girls Camp gives girls the opportunity to feel confident in their decisions, body image and voice. You can give girls the tools to be a better communicator, problem solver and role model, but if they are not confident in themselves in the first place, the tools have little meaning. Without confidence, most of the time there is no leadership.

“Trying to teach leadership without first building confidence is like building
​a house on a foundation of sand.”

At Sole Girls we believe strong, healthy, confident, inclusive girls make strong leaders and stronger communities. Our camps give girls the tools to feel confident in their own bodies and voice. At Camp, girls are given tools and the opportunity to build their confidence. We encourage girls to feel good about their strengths which in turn in will guide them to become strong, confident leaders and role models.

​Here are three ways Sole Girls Camp prepares girls to become confident leaders in their community.


1. Girls get the opportunity to discover and celebrate what they love about themselves.

On the first day of Camp, girls are asked to think about what makes them unique and what they love about themselves. As an adult, expressing what you love about yourself can be sometimes challenging. It is also can be challenging for tweens as well. Often, as adults, we tend to focus on the negative things about ourselves – as in maybe our body image or decisions we regret. During the tween years, girls are at risk of developing negative feelings about themselves and they need more than ever to be given the opportunity to discover the positives about who they are. By giving girls the opportunity to discover and celebrate what they love about themselves, they are more likely in the future to look back and feel confident about their bodies and voice.

2. Girls are supported.

One of the most fundamental ways to encourage confidence in our girls is to actively support them. And one of the best ways to create a strong supportive foundation is to connect with the girls one-on-one. At Sole Girls Camp, girls connect with MentHERs – young women who have been through the “girl world” and navigated tweenhood. The MentHERs share their experiences with the girls and are always available to talk about anything the girls are experiencing. At Camp, we make space to sincerely listen to the girls and help them realize how strong they really are. The MentHERs get to know the girls on a more personal level (e.g., what matters to them; why are they unique) and this helps them understand the best way to support each girl.

3. Girls decode the messages from the media and their peers.

Once they become a tween, young girls are bombarded by messages, not just from the media, but from their friends and peers about what they should look like and who they should be. It can be a challenge for girls to sort out the mix messages and stressful because it is impossible to make everyone happy. If girls feel like they do not “fit in”, their self-esteem and confidence can plummet. At Sole Girls Camp, girls are provided with the tools to control the effect that messages in the media and from their peers can have. Girls examine different messages in the media and are given the opportunity to discuss how they really feel about the message with other girls and MentHERs. Additionally, girls are encouraged to celebrate their uniqueness and reminded that all type of bodies are beautiful. ​

Join us this summer for Sole Girls Summer Day Camps! Give your daughter the opportunity to build her confidence, release her inner awesome and be fearlessly kind.