Generosity and Gratitude

June 6, 2013

Posted In: Community

THIS Blog is to send a HUGE SHOUT OUT to our AMAZING Sponsors that made SOLE GIRLS “SO(le) YOU Summer Camp Unbelievable!

I talk a lot about how important community is, 
because I think too often people believe that we are 
all alone, or have too much to do, and not enough 
time, money or energy and the result is ending up 
with complaints or pain.

There is a solution, it starts with Getting involved, Gratitude and Generosity (Triple G).  Personally, I get involved with our community, I volunteer with the YWCA, I volunteer at runs and events around the city and also I fundraise for various charities based here in Vancouver.  I believe I am part of an amazing community that is full of incredible people and together we create even more awesomeness. 

There is an African proverb that I love: “It takes a Community to raise a child.”  I believe that we all have a responsibility to be part of our community, stop complaining and start being the difference we can be and want to see.   Sole Girls is an opportunity to get involved, to volunteer, to donate, to fundraise but most of all to MAKE A DIFFERENCE through generosity, gratitude and getting yourself involved. 

For the So(le) YOU SUMMER CAMP that happened on August 26th and 27th, many amazing people and companies stepped forward to be part of this movement and empowerment for tween girls.

And a special thanks to Wild and Wise Women and Jen Walker Nutrition.

And our AWESOME SOLE-TEERS (Sole Gils Volunteers) 

It is thanks to these people how are part of our community, that we can support girls, and the younger generation to do more and learn more about themselves in a healthy and strong way and become amazing leaders.  ALSO we teach generosity and gratitude by leading by example!!

It takes a community to raise healthy girls and Sole Girls is thrilled to be involved with these sponsors who believe that empowering girls to be strong leaders will lead to our stronger community!

Thank You!