Dear Students affected by the BCTF Strike

September 13, 2014

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Students – You have been out of school for three months now.  From what I’ve heard, most of you are disappointed to not be back in school, some of you are worried about your university entrances, your grades, not seeing your friends, not sure what to study, feeling uprooted, uncertain… Who can we blame? What do you do now? 
Here is the advice that will get you through the rest of your life.

NOTE: I’m addressing high school students here, but I think applies to younger and older too! all people can take something from this and apply it to your own life. (let me know at the bottom!) 

You have spent the last 5-12 years in school, people (parents, teachers, peers etc) have prepared everything for you, they have told you what to study, how to study, what time to arrive and leave, when to eat, when to play, etc.  School has helped you bond with others and inspired you and everyday sets you up to handle challenges. 

As a population, we are quick to place blame on others (in this case the Government and the BCTF, the economy, Christy Clark etc.) It is much easier to complain about all the problems and suffer, becom a victim of the system than to take responsibility.  (insert complaint…”what? I’m an innocent student, this is not my fault!”) It isn’t your fault what is happening, BUT that doesn’t mean stand around and become miserable part of the discussion. Does complaining, worrying and focusing on the problem get you anywhere? 

As a generation obsessed with quotes – you may know this one:

You have a choice, students.  You can live in the endless cycle of being a victim of the circumstances, or you can live in the moment and CARPE DIEM!

(side note that my high school Argyle Secondary’s motto is Carpe Diem… I wonder who remembers this right now.)

My darlings, you already know what to do.

The past 5-12 years, you have discovered your strengths and what you need to work harder on.  You know how to ask for help and how to find the tools you need to help you succeed. The Internet has been around your whole life, you are the most connected generation in history in terms of contacts who know people who know people.  You can find any information you need in moments. 

Why aren’t you using all these amazing tools that you have?

Do you need someone to tell you what to do? Do you need help Goal Setting?

After you finish high school, no one will tell you how to live your life, where to go, what to do, who to be, how to focus your energy, what goals you need to accomplish, what defines success (hint that it’s not straight A’s) – it’s up to you… so consider this basic training.  You still have support from your family, peers and community to discover the things that matter to you. You actually have so much opportunity right now it’s ridiculous that you are wasting it complaining and focusing on the problem. 

So here we go, now you know.
Are you are interested in Science? In English?  In Math?  Physical Activity? The Environment?  Imagine being able to do anything you could possibly imagine, then work backwards and get involved. 
Reach out to university students, professors, accountants, real estate agents, firefighters, entrepreneurs in your field of interest.  Just want to learn social studies? What about that interests you, get curious!!! SO many people are all in support of the students and will be more than happy to be interviewed, and share with you what they know.  Do some research, go to the library, volunteer, write a report, a journal… review what you thought you knew and how it changes when you learned. Chances are you don’t know everything and there is always something to learn. Make a point of it.

So you are sad not to see your friends or missing out on sports? Organize an event yourself, put a team together – find an event planner that is willing to give you some information…ask for help! I hear the fall sports are in full swing, with football teams still playing and BasketBall clinics at New Heights and of course Sole Girls is already in session!! Join a community group to increase your skills and make new friends too! You think you need a school to be active?  There are gyms, forests, programs no matter what your budget is to keep you active and connected and having fun!!

You want to be a teacher?  Join the picket line! Stand up for what you want, learn from the teachers on the line.  Create your own curriculum, what do YOU want to learn this year? 

Your community is here for you, use this opportunity to your benefit, keep your brain active, and curious and don’t forget to have fun!  THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.