Close your eyes, give from the heart!

May 21, 2014

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The season of giving is such an interesting time of the year!  It’s so great in many ways, we get holidays, time to spend with each other, presents… and, Unfortunately people are maxing themselves out spending crazy amounts of money and time trying to find the “perfect” gift for the people we love, running around to a million places facing traffic and parking lots etc.. 

How many gifts do we purchase because we feel like we have to, or it is just expected…and there is no purpose behind the giving?  
Do you purchase based on a deeper purpose than material happiness? 

I read an article about an 8 year old girl who didn’t ask for gifts for her birthday, but instead for donations for a local animal shelter.  She realized that she didn’t need gifts, but some animals could live better lives if they had some more supplies. This girl is pretty awesome!  

What if this season was really just about feeling, giving emotions (like Love, Happiness, Trust), spending time being grateful for whatever it is you are lucky to be able to do.  Teaching others and yourself how much you can learn by doing. 

This year, my sister (also a Sole Girls mentor) and I are going to have a baking day.  We are going to make the best, healthiest, most fun treats we can find and do it together.  It makes me so happy that we can spend our time doing something fun together.  Later on, our extended family will go to the Christmas Train in Stanley Park together and see the beautiful lights that supports the Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund!

In 2013, my word of the year was awesome. I tried to include my own personal brand of awesomeness in everything that I did and encouraged others to discover their inner awesome too!

This Christmas, I invite you to give your time and your energy to a good cause that makes you feel happy and maybe includes participation and reduses the stress of someone you care about too.  If you need ideas, here are a couple:
Donation to Sole Girls!! Empower a girl!!
Or Sign up to Volunteer in the New Year!
Or check out THESE ideas! 

Whatever or However you chose to give this year, remember WHY you chose that, and make sure it makes you feel awesome.