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April 16, 2014

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This Past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to be part of a soiree put on by the founder and director of Play of Cici Bean, Traci Costa.  About 20 girls and 20 moms filled her house for an evening of food, fashion and fun!  The theme of the evening was mother/tween Girl Power!

Cici Bean is all about being awesome everyday, and we were so excited to talk about Body Image and Friendship to the moms and the girls and find out more about how cool CiciBean fashion really is!! 

The night started out with a mixer of appetizers, crafts for the girls and a chocolate fountain!!  When everyone had arrived, Julie, the Cici Bean designer talked about body image and friendship!!  Then it was my turn!  We talked about Body Image Sole Girls style… “why is it awesome to look in the mirror and be proud of yourself?” and “what does your body for you that allows you to play sports or be active?” and then we talked about friendship “what makes you an awesome friend?”

We also got the moms in the room involved!

Moms often have high expectations for their daughters to be confident, able to do anything and strong, kind, and polite!!  We forget that girls will mirror everything that adults do and learn their mom’s actions, manerisms, habits, and words.  Everything a mom does, feels and even thinks is learned by her children whether or not she wants to teach it. 

I know I often look in the mirror and see my mom, or I’ll do something and think, why did I do that or why do I do things this way?  Then I’ll see my mom do something similar.  We’ve all been there.
Even after threatening my mom over a hundred times, “I won’t be anything like you.” I am, and I’m proud to be.

So – a question for the moms – What makes you awesome?  What do you see when you look in the mirror… If you are criticizing anything about yourself, remember your daughter is listening and watching and learning that that is ok.  Take the time to remember you are beautiful and that everything that you don’t like or like makes you unique.

Our Sole Girls games were followed by some shopping and vision boarding and a BIG ANNOUCEMENT from SOLE GIRLS!!!

Shopping – Cici Bean is a line of clothing for tween girls whose mission is “helping tweens celebrate their awesomeness everyday”.  I can’t believe how in line with my thinking their are!  

Julie walked us through all the cool things each article has and how you can pair it with clothes from other stores too!!  Honestly, I wish I was a tween again only because the clothes are SO functional and beautiful and have all these cool ways of styling each piece in like 5 different ways.


The coolest part?  
So many coolest parts… but especially this!!! 
Cici Bean is Sponsoring the Sole Girls at Mulgrave School and they are recieving some amazing gifts to run in on Nov. 3rd!!!!