April 10, 2015

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At Sole Girls we are huge supporters of anti-bullying. There is too much anxiety happening at a young age, 
and our goal is to give girls tools they can use to stand 
up for themselves and be strong in their values, beliefs and their awesomeness. We support anti-bullying events, 
we provide support for girls with mentorship, friendship, inclusiveness, and we give girls tools to prevent bullying build their self esteem. In June, we supported the Be Bold Campaign and donated an entry to a fall session of Sole Girls to the silent auction! The funds raised went to the Amanda Todd Legacy Foundation
This awesome event was put on by and  The awesome duo made up of two amazing 
women – Joanne Greenwood and Susan Leeds-Goble take pictures of people with 
bullying words written on a chalkboard and they make them into positive anagrams. 


Sole Girls celebrates each girl’s 
inner awesomeness! 

Each girl has her own unique talents, ideas, styles, and thoughts, we think girls are so amazing that we encourage them to understand themselves and feel good about being themselves!
Through discussion, games and physical activities, girls build their self-esteem, their confidence in front of new or older friends, express themselves in a positive and honest way. Girls are also supported by mentors, peers and the coach so they feel encouraged and respected with whatever they say, or do.
When girls feel good about themselves, their bodies and their ideas, they feel more powerful, more successful, they stay in school and they are less likely to be picked on by, or become bullies.  

There are lots of GREAT resources about bullying online made available for youth. 
We recommend

Want to stand up to bullies and build confidence? This summer our summer camp is focused on confidence and bullying! Sign up for a Sole Girls Program now!  

Supporting our Girls is investing in strong future leaders and stronger communities!!