Amanda Todd

February 6, 2015

Posted In: Community

There’s a very special place in my heart for a story that made international headlines and went viral on youtube last year: The Story and Death of Amanda Todd. 

I remember watching the video and crying in disbelief, glued to the screen–hoping the story would get better, or change if I watched it again.

I thought: 
Who is Amanda? 
Why did she have to live this story? and 
why couldn’t she escape from this situation? 
Why has this story come into my life?

I felt it was my personal responsability to step up and make social change a big part of my life.  The world needs a little more good, a little more support, happiness, and love. 

NO GIRL should EVER feel like she is alone, like she is not supported, like she doesn’t have the tools or awesome peers in her life to believe that she is worthy.

Sole Girls developed more quickly as I was fueled with passion and belief that Sole Girls is for every girl.  I wanted girls to have a safe, supportive, inclusive space where all girls can shine and be their awesome selves without judgement and learn tools and strategies to deal with their energies, thoughts, and ideas. 
Running is a tool that can be used to face challenges in your head, assumptions, to gain clarity and avoid conflict.  It is also a tool that helps build self confidence, community and possibility.  

This past year I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Amanda’s mom and the Amanda Todd Legacy Society Team.  I’ve heard her speak against bullying, about social media and also about Amanda. She fights for kids rights to be kids – have fun, be loved, and have a safe space to be – online. 

This week is the 1 year anniversary since Amanda took her life, and we will be joining Science World, Niagara Falls, the CN tower and so many more organizations who will be “lighting the world Purple” on October 10th to raise awareness for Mental Health.  I hope you will join me.