5 lessons from Summer Confidence Camp!

July 10, 2015

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By Soleteer Olivia Nussey


1.     Encouraging and Cheering on others is FUN!


In Sole Girls we are always cheering on our friends! Whether we’re doing a fun obstacle course outside or playing team games, the object is always Encouragement! Chanting names, clapping for them, and giving high fives makes us stronger. When that’s what it’s all about, winning or losing doesn’t matter, because everyone wins!

At the end of our day together, we always do a Sole Girls cheer and give out awards. It’s a great time to recognize the awesome things people do, and to have one last moment of togetherness and excitement before we break for the day.


2.     Sometimes our friends are bullies, too.


At any age, sometimes we have to deal with the fact that our friends aren’t always nice to us. They may be a “fair-weather friend” that you can’t depend on when conflict arises, or we may have “frenemies” – who seem to like us and be nice to us one day, but then turn on us the next by excluding us, talking about us behind our back, or saying mean things.

At Sole Girls, we learned about the acronym “CCQ” which we can use when we find ourselves being bullied or witness a bullying or tricky friend situation.

The first “C” stands for “Change” – can you CHANGE the subject to distract from the problem, or CHANGE your situation so that you’re not involved?

The second “C” stands for “Communicate” – express your feelings and use your words!
The “Q” stands for “Question” – you can QUESTION why this is happening and what their motives are.


3.     It’s important to have positive role models.


In Sole Girls we are very lucky to have girls of all ages working with us, inspiring us, and staring stories of what they’ve been through. At Confidence Camp in North Van, we were SOLE excited to have Olympic athlete and world champion Jaime Cruikshank come and share her experiences with us and answer our questions about the Games, goal-setting, and hard work!

It’s so amazing to realize that no matter what age we are, we all have the same worries, insecurities, conflicts with friends, and anxieties about the unknown. Positive role models give us something to look up to, and support for when we’re not quite sure of all the answers on our own. Thank you to founder Ashley, high school and university Soleteers that give their time to mentor the girls, and of course all the Sole Mamas and Dads – we couldn’t imagine life without you!

4.     We are all awesome, complicated, and Unique!


In Sole Girls, we take the time to stop and think about what makes us unique, and we celebrate it! Being proud of our uniqueness builds confidence and belief in ourselves! In one activity we drew a picture of an iceberg – small above the water, and much BIGGER underwater! This was to illustrate that there is so much more to us beneath the surface that other people can’t see unless they really get to know us. It’s important to remember that we are more than the way we appear on the outside, and that other people have more depth than we are able to recognize!


5.    Being active and taking care of our bodies builds Confidence!


There is no shortage of movement at Sole Girls! We LOVE being active through running, taking walks together, performing dynamic stretches like sumo squats, lunges, karaoke (grapevine) and bunny hops! When we warm up our bodies like this, it hardly feels like work! To cool down we always pause to stretch – and have little songs to sing that go along with the stretching, its so much fun!


Just as important as physical activity, is the way we’re fueling our bodies to carry us through! We learned about GO sugars vs WOAH sugars – the foods that either provide fuel and strong energy for us to GO GO GO, or make us hyper for a while, and then give us a sugar crash like WOAH WOAH WOAH! It’s so fun to investigate what foods contain, and to incorporate the good ones into our day – fruit, Granola Girl granola, and yogurt parfaits were our FAVOURITE snack at camp!


We can’t wait to apply all these tools this week as we go BACK TO SCHOOL!!! Want to learn more about how YOU can apply these tools daily?  Join us every week as we train for our next 5km fun run!!!