44 Dresses

May 6, 2014

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A couple of weeks ago, I got an email titled “I need your help.”  It was from the owner of SofiaBella Fashions in Edgemont Villiage.  She explained that Grade 7 graduation can be a challenging time for a lot of families here on our North Shore. It’s a big event!  The dresses, the hair, the jewlery, and a lot of effort on the parents behalf to help girls fit in and feel beautiful and build their confidence. 
If you’ve ever heard of the Cinderella Project – here’s our very own North Shore version.

If you’re like me, you probably have dresses in your closet that you wore once (perhaps for a wedding or graduation) and then possibly grew out of and haven’t worn since.  Here is the opportunity to let those dresses Shine again and fulfill someone else’s dreams!

We are collecting girls size 10- adult small dresses, gently used, or new!

Donations can be made to a Sole Girls program (MEC on Thursday afternoons from 330-530pm) or Mulgrave (Fridays 2-4pm) or to Sofiabella in Edgemont Village, beside Delaneys. 


Some pretty dresses!!


We have a special gift for you if you drop off your dress with Sole Girls!